Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Gentle Lady

Finding a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your gentle lady can sometimes be difficult. If your wife is a sophisticated and elegant woman, coming up with appropriate gift ideas can present an annual challenge. So many commercially available gifts seem tacky or tasteless, and choosing something that meets her exacting tastes can be hard work. If you need some inspiration for beautiful, timeless gifts that will never fail to impress, we bring you some creative and classic suggestions for presents that are sure to delight the special lady in your life.

Stunning Roses will Impress Your Loved One

roses in basketNo matter how many years you have been with your wife, a gift of beautiful roses will never fail to impress her. The bouquet of a dozen red blossoms is one of the most iconic images of Valentine’s Day and is a classic gift that will never disappoint, while that recognisable token of love, the single red rosebud, is another symbol that she will love to receive on February 14th. Embodying the romance and passion associated with this holiday, the beauty and fragility of these gorgeous flowers will perfectly reflect her own timeless elegance while reminding her of the devotion that you share for each other. What better way to show her how much she is cherished?

The Timeless Appeal of Luxury Fabrics

While lingerie is one of the most traditional gifts to give your wife on Valentine’s Day, it is important to pay close attention to your choice when selecting the ideal garments for her. Rather than choosing something that you would like to see her wear, instead think about her own tastes, preferences and sense of style. Every gentle lady loves to receive lingerie made from beautiful and luxurious fabrics, so consider something that has been crafted from quality materials like satin, lace or silk. If elegant lingerie is not something that she would wear, why not buy her a tasteful embroidered silk robe or satin nightgown? Or for something that she can wear outside the bedroom, a luxurious silk blouse or scarf, or a soft and warm cashmere sweater would be sure to complement all of her favourite outfits, and to find its own special place in her wardrobe.

Jewellery Gifts – the Perfect Way to Express Your Devotion

blue rose pendantEvery lady loves to receive a piece of elegant and stylish jewellery that will hold its appeal for a lifetime. There is such a wealth of styles, designs and types of jewellery that you are sure to be able to find a piece that adds a little something to her existing collection. Maybe she would love to unwrap a glitteringly radiant diamond ring or pendant, or perhaps she would prefer the colourful sparkle of an emerald ring or sapphire studded bracelet. Touch her heart by choosing the perfect piece to suit her individual tastes, choosing something subtle like a simple bangle for a lady with a quiet personality or something more vibrant for a lady who is more outgoing. A one of a kind piece of jewellery is certain to impress her, so why not consider surprising her with a stunning set from Eternity Rose? Comprising a magnificent necklace and matching earrings made by hand by skilled craftsmen from genuine natural miniature rose petals that have been intricately glazed and set in 24 karat gold, each gorgeous item is entirely unique and is the perfect way to show your love. Available in a choice of styles – a classic leaf theme or stylish hoop and heart design, both encrusted with radiant synthetic diamonds, and in a range of colours from traditional red and pink to sophisticated white and blue, or even in striking purple, there is certain to be a piece that matches her tastes and delights her on Valentine’s Day morning.

Finding Personalised Valentine’s Gifts for Your Wife

There are few better ways to show your lady how much she means to you than by presenting her with a gift that has been personalised, making it unique to her. A personalised gift shows that you have put in extra effort and thought when choosing an ideal present, and conveys a message of appreciation and esteem for the love of your life. There are many wonderful gift ideas to choose from, from pretty jewellery boxes that contain a personal inscription written on the lid, to silver or gold lockets containing a photograph of you both together and featuring an engraving of both of your names intertwined. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that she will fall in love with you all over again once she discovers how much she is adored.