How to Make Valentines Day Special with the Best Valentine’s Gift for Her

Have you found yourself in the bothersome situation once again this year, of trying to find the best Valentines gift for your girlfriend or wife? Are you struggling to decide which of the many gifts you can choose from will be sure to make her gooey eyed? Or are you struggling to come up with one single idea and just need a little help? For all of you you’ll be pleased to know you’re in the right place.
valentines day best gifts
A dozen red roses would be the order of the day, however far you went back in history. But the ladies of today may think this Valentine gift a little too cliche. We’re not saying it won’t be appreciated but the modern lady will be hoping for a tad more imagination. The price tag has little bearing on how your gift will make her feel. The most important quality will be the amount of thought you put into choosing her gift.

Without further ado let’s get on with sharing the best Valentines gift ideas for that very special lady you share your life with.

Good Valentines Day gifts don’t need to be expensive

Whatever stage you might be in your relationship, whether it’s still all fresh and new or more of a long term commitment, the best Valentines gift idea for your girlfriend or wife can be very simple and certainly inexpensive. What it needs to convey is the way you feel about her and it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to do that. A single red rose with a handwritten note that tells her how much and why you love her is going to be more precious than a huge bouquet of flowers that say nothing at all. Another great Valentines idea is to leave your sweetheart post-it notes around your home, each with it’s own special message for your loved one. If we didn’t know better this might have been just what they were invented for.

Think about your gift and it will make it more precious than any number of generic gifts you picked up from the petrol station when you filled up on the way home from work. The lady in your life requires some reassurance on Valentines Day that you still love her. After all you probably don’t say it often enough all the other 364 days of the year.

For those of you still feeling a little challenged, here are a few meaningful suggestions.

message-in-a-bottle-for-valentines-dayA loving message in a bottle – A loving message presented in a cute bottle will have her adrift in the sea of love in no time at all. See if you can find an attractive bottle from one of your local charity shops and add some sand and seashells. Then all you need to do is find some suitable words and put it all together.

A spa treatment to help her relax – Some of the best Valentines gifts are those a couple can enjoy together. Which makes a spa day perfect. Lay back and relax while a professional masseur soothes away your aches and pains, and then enjoy the warming waters of a mineral bath. There are plenty of other treatments available such as manicures, pedicures, facials and even makeovers.

A special kind of rose – The problem with giving your wife or girlfriend flowers is that they very quickly fade. A bouquet that looked gorgeous and smelt beautiful on Valentine’s Day will be a shadow of its former self within a week. One way to preserve the beauty of a rose is by dipping it in a precious metal. Eternity Rose have perfected such a process and the roses on offer stay beautiful for a lifetime and beyond.

A dining experience at home – When it comes to romantic dining it doesn’t mean you have to go to a fancy restaurant. A much better option is to dine at home. You won’t have to shout to be heard over the other diners, and you won’t have to worry about someone listening in on your romantic conversation. Make your wife or girlfriend dinner and you really will become the man of her dreams. Nothing is more impressive than a man that can handle himself in the kitchen.
A night at the movies – Reliving some of your earlier experiences as a couple is a great way to spice things up for Valentine’s Day. Remember those evenings spent cuddling and kissing in the back row of the cinema? Time to take your lady to see one of those ‘chick flicks’, even though it might not be your cup of tea. If you’re worried about one of your mates seeing you queue up for tickets then treat her to an evening of all her favourite movies at home. Movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Love Actually or You’ve Got Mail are the kind of films that will soon have her teary eyed.

It’s up to you how easy or difficult you want to make finding her the best Valentines gift. But the more thought and care you put into choosing the bigger reward for you. Think about all the things she loves doing, her own personal taste and sense of style and pick a gift that matches. See, how hard can that be? Nobody knows your wife or girlfriend quite the same as you do, but if you’re still not all that confident ask her best friend.

There are hundreds, no make that thousands of gifts to choose from online which we know can make it difficult. But don’t make the mistake of leaving it till the last minute, or it’ll be too late to place an order that requires personalisation. Leaving you with a boring teddy bear and sad looking red rose. All the special and unusual gifts will have flown out of the gift store weeks ago.

Hopefully you came across this page early enough to find the information useful. If you didn’t then make sure you’re well prepared for next year!