Giving Creative Valentine’s Gifts is a Good Way to be Romantic and Show How Much You Care

There’s no need to break the bank this Valentine’s day if you want to give your significant other a gift that expresses your feelings. A little bit of creativity and effort is all that’s required to make a lasting impression on the man or woman of your dreams. A generic card and gift off the shelf isn’t going to express your feelings. It’s only going to show that you couldn’t really be bothered, but felt the need to get something, no matter what it was. Valentine’s Day is one of those days when you need to think about the feelings of the recipient. Their likes, taste, style and preferences are what’s important. Better to give nothing at all and say how much you love your partner than spend a few quid on a meaningless gift.

How to get Creative with Your Valentine’s Gifts

creative gifts for valentines day
Valentine’s Day seem to have a varied effect on people. For some it sets their heart a flutter with anticipation of an impending gift, and for others it brings nothing but panic. If you’re one of those that dreads this annual event don’t worry because we’re here to help. What follows are some unique and charming ways to sweep your beloved off their feet, from once in a lifetime experiences, to gifts that have been handmade by you. Flowers and chocolates have become the norm for many couples but surely you’d much rather give your sweetheart something more original. Walk past the bouquets of red roses and chocolate boxes shaped like a heart and see if one of our creative Valentines gift ideas will suit your lover.

The gift of an experience – This is one way to create a priceless memory for someone you love. Search online and you’ll find plenty of sites offering unique experiences. Balloon rides, bungee-jumping, skydiving, dancing or cooking classes, river cruises with afternoon tea, dinner at fancy restaurants, beer and wine tasting tours and a whole variety of exciting things. You can choose creative Valentine gifts for him or for her, or book something you can do together.

A personalised bottle of their favourite tipple – If your significant other has a favourite tipple, make it a special gift with a personalised label. Design a label, and then print it off and stick over the original one. If you haven’t got a printer, or your design skills are a little lacking you can purchase already personalised bottles of wine and champagne from companies that do it all for you.

A monogrammed robe – If you’re looking for an intimate gift for your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, a robe makes the perfect Valentine gift. Choose something that’s silky and sensual, or go with a robe that’s comfortable and cosy. Have it embroidered with their name, initials or their nickname and pick a colour that’s associated with Valentine’s Day such as red or black. Alternatively make your gift Valentine’s specific by picking a material that features hearts.

valentines-basket-gift-for-himCreative Valentine’s ideas for him in the shape of a gift basket – Once Christmas is over, the shops will start filling their shelves with Valentine’s gifts. One idea that might grab your attention is a Valentine’s gift hamper. There will be lots of different ones to choose from but you’ll likely find that one or two of the gifts inside won’t suit the taste or style of your special Valentine. A better way to ensure the basket is filled with the right kind of treats is to make one yourself. It could be a basket filled with beauty products, or one that has lots of gifts related to your loved one’s hobby. If they happen to be a foodie you might want to fill it with all their favourite nibbles.

Creative Valentines ideas for her that are a twist on the traditional

If you want to be creative with your Valentine ideas you don’t have to worry, even if you’re set on sticking with traditional Valentine’s gifts. And by traditional we mean roses, chocolates and perfume.

Instead of natural roses…
If you want to show your love with a bunch of red roses you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to stick with a bouquet of natural blooms. Red roses made of paper, wood or even blooms dipped in precious metals, such as those from Eternity Rose, are a wonderful way to express your love for another person, and you don’t have to fret over how long they’ll last.

Golden Valentine's day gift vase and roseInstead of perfume…
Buying perfume for a Valentine’s gift can be a bit risky. Unless your sure of her favourite scent. Buying a fragranced bar of heart-shaped soap is far less of a commitment. And with cute packaging it’ll be the perfect treat.

Instead of generic chocolates…
Everybody knows how much the girls love their chocolate. But for a Valentine’s gift you need to find something truly special. Rather than a bog-standard bar of chocolate, look at some of the other options available. Different fillings, white, dark or milk chocolate, boozy chocolates and even chocolate decorated with your sweetheart’s name.

Creative Valentines ideas for him – think practical

Many of you ladies think that buying gifts for the man in your life is difficult. Particularly for Valentine, as many aren’t into cute and sentimental. Men love their gifts to be practical, so where’s the problem in that? Buy him something he can use and he’ll be your Valentine at the drop of a hat. Here is one quick example:

Bottles of booze – If your man has a favourite tipple, even if it’s coffee or tea, buying him some for his Valentine’s Day gift is going to be perfect. If he’s already got plenty of beer in the fridge, or wine in the cellar, give him a gift that will make his drinking more pleasurable. A set of nifty beer glasses, for evenings with his mates, or a set of bar tools so he can serve up in style.

When you put some thought into your Valentines gift you can be sure of success.