Romantic Gestures and Great Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

February 14th, the most important day for lovers and sweethearts everywhere, could be just round the corner, or months away. Whatever time of the year spare a thought for your Valentine’s gift ideas for her. Give yourself plenty of time for all the best preparations and you can be sure that this year your efforts are going to be amply rewarded. It could be your girlfriend, wife or you may be looking to impress someone new, it doesn’t matter. Any of these scenarios can be quite overwhelming.

If you’re at a bit of a loss as to where to start then carry on reading.

How to find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

valentines gifts for herOur first bit of advice – whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, at the very least get her a card. A large majority of women are going to be eagerly awaiting the postman on Valentine’s Day. If it gets to late afternoon and a great big red envelope still hasn’t dropped through the letterbox they’re going to be very disappointed. There’s no excuse on the planet that will get you out of this faux pas. If you completely forgot, or couldn’t summon the enthusiasm for choosing the right card, then be prepared to spend a few nights on the couch.

If you find the perfect card with a heartfelt message but want to take things a little further here come some tips and Valentine gift ideas.

Use your ingenuity

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for her there are so many choices that you’ll be tempted to pick one of the first gifts you find. Giving your special lady a generic fluffy toy, heart-shaped cushion or fake red rose is not going to bowl her over, that’s for sure.

Your task is to find a gift that is unique to her, and possibly one that evokes a special feeling, memory or emotion. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant. In fact they can cost nothing at all, but will still have the same impact if given with the right sentiment. Many women would simply love to spend some quiet time at home, with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath, warm massage and then a delightful meal cooked by her partner.

Plan and prepare well in advance

If you’re planning to take your beloved out for dinner then you better book the table well in advance. There are plenty of couples who regularly do this for Valentine’s Day and the best restaurants will quickly fill up. Likewise if you’re planning some time away, get your travel plans organised at least a month before the big day.

Understand her personal taste

If you’re thinking of buying her something to wear, be certain she’s going to like it. Otherwise what’s the point. Take a sneeky peek into her wardrobe, or chest of drawers if you want to get an idea of her favourite colours, style and taste. Don’t forget to find out her exact sizes either, because you’ll be treading on dodgy ground if your purchase is a little on the large side or uncomfortably tight.

Polish up on your culinary skills

Treating your special lady with a home cooked meal is a thoughtful Valentine gift idea. If a gourmet dinner is a touch out of your league you could always try to bake some heart-shaped biscuits or a chocolate cake.

gift for herValentine’s Day should be spent enjoying each others company

You may be very busy every other day of the year but Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent together. Either cuddled up on the sofa watching her favourite film, walking on the beach or even spending the day in bed. Yes, you might have work and family commitments that need to be taken care of, but try and keep a couple of hours free to concentrate on your partner.

Armed with some helpful tips on the things you need to bear in mind, it’s time to look at some thoughtful Valentine’s presents.

Creative and unique Valentine gift ideas

There are lots of traditional gifts you can give your special partner such as chocolates, flowers and perfume, but maybe this year it’s time to think a little more creatively and out of the box. Why not try one of the following ideas?

Personalise a bottle of champagne

To celebrate such a special occasion why not crack open a bottle of champagne? Toast all the good times you’ve enjoyed and make a promise to each other that there will be lots more to come. Make your gift a little more personal by printing some home made labels using your PC. There are also gift sites where you can purchase an already personalised bottle of bubbly, or even wine and beer.

A gift hamper

What isn’t there to like about a basket filled with all the things she enjoys? Buy lotions, bath creams, perfume sprays, soaps and bath salts in her favourite scents. You could choose to give her a basket filled with tasty treats to eat and drink. Think carefully about the basket’s contents as picking the right items will clearly show her how much you care.

A homemade box of emotion

Find a cute box and fill it with sweet messages. Cut out heart-shapes from red card and add a personal message for your sweetheart. You could be telling her what it is you love about her, a love poem or a promise to do something special for her.

When you’re looking for an ideal Valentine’s Day present for the special female in your life, don’t hand over your cash without putting some effort and thought into choosing. It has to be something she’ll like and appreciate. If you get those two aspects covered your gift giving experience is bound to be a success.