How to be a Little More Unique with Your Valentine Gifts for Her

Trying to give your wife or girlfriend a special kind of gift for Valentine becomes increasingly more difficult as the years pass by. And just because you’re in a fairly new relationship it doesn’t make it any easier. Traditionally, flowers and chocolates have been favourite gifts but nowadays the ladies are often hoping for something different. This kind of gift won’t earn you many brownie points, but what else is there to give that special lady in your life? If you’ve hit a dead end, or don’t know where to start in your Valentine gift search keep reading, because we can help make this coming Valentines Day truly memorable with some unique Valentines gift ideas for her. We’ll also be sharing tips on making your decision, and looking at some of things you should be considering when looking for unique Valentine’s gifts.

Learn the language of the Venutians

hearts for valentines day
Somedays it feels like that special female in your life speaks another language. And you’d be right because men come from Mars and women from Venus. Isn’t that what they say? Why don’t we try and help with part of their language. The bit that’s important for Valentine’s Day is her language of love. What’s a female’s perception of love and what can you do to make sure you show it? There are 5 ways you can show your wife or girlfriend how much you love them. And you just need to decide which she considers the most important, in order to find unique gifts for her.

If words of affirmation are important – Write her a love letter, poem or leave sweet messages around your home.

If acts of service are important – Cook her dinner on Valentine’s Day, wash her car or do some of the housework.

If physical touch is important – Holding hands, hugs and kisses, and maybe even a sensual personal massage.

If quality time together is important – This is an easy thing to incorporate into your Valentine’s Day celebration. Just give her your undivided attention for the day.

If a gift will make her Valentine’s Day special – Don’t think this one needs much of an explanation, but stay tuned and look at some of the other pages for some thoughtful ideas.

By looking at some of the other occasions on which you’ve given her gifts, you should be able to ascertain which is most appropriate for your significant other half.

Unique Valentine’s gifts for women should be original and creative

rose-for-herIf you want your Valentine gift to be unique you need to steer well clear of roses or chocolates. Unless of course you’re planning on giving her a gold dipped rose from Eternity Rose or a box of chocolates with a unique twist. For something to be unique it has to be a gift she’s never had before, or it won’t be etched in her memory. You can ask her outright what she’s expecting for her Valentines present but where’s the fun in that? Instead think about whether she’s got a hobby. Remember some of our previous conversations, as she might have mentioned something she’s longing to do. Is she the kind of lady who’s always up for a challenge? Then why not gift her an experience such as parachuting, flying lessons or learning how to drift a car?

Unique gifts for her that will make her heart flutter

When you and your sweetheart first got together certain chemicals would have been released in the brain. Remember the feeling of butterflies in the stomach and a heart that pounded in your chest? As a relationship develops the chemicals released change, and that initial rush you both felt kind of fades away. This isn’t a bad thing however, because it’d be difficult to sustain such feelings for a substantial length of time. And there are ways that you can rekindle those first feelings of love that you both felt. Try doing something out of your normal comfort zone, something that’s new to both of you. Consider learning something new together or find a unique experience to share.

Three elements are needed to give your relationship a chemical boost and they are adventure, anticipation and surprise. It’s not that difficult to come up with a unique Valentine’s gift idea that meets all three. But just in case you’re a bit stumped let’s share one that we think is perfect.

golden-valentines-day-gift-vaseTake your wife or girlfriend on an adventure, go somewhere and do something exciting for the day. Make it a secret, by giving her a gift certificate on Valentine’s morning that simply tells her what to wear, and whether she needs to bring anything with her. If you’ve planned a day of paintballing, high heels might not be the best attire to wear. And if you’re planning a day of pampering at a spa she might want to bring a few of her favourite beauty products along. Why not let her try rock-climbing or bungee jumping? Just make sure your choice is something she’d like to do and that it’s something she’s not going to be scared to try.

What your partner holds dear is always important when considering unique Valentine’s gift ideas for her

Valentine’s gifts for a special lady in your life come in many guises. For some a great big bunch of roses and a giant box of chocolates will be appreciated. But for others gifts for Valentine’s Day should be unusual, unique but above all thoughtful. That doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune, but it must appeal to her present look on life. If she’s a busy mum with little time for herself she might appreciate a little time off, and some help with the chores and childcare. If she’s constantly stressed she’s going to appreciate the opportunity to unwind.

This year don’t let Valentine’s Day pass without celebrating the love you feel for your wife or girlfriend. Don’t be content with a wilted bunch of flowers bought from the petrol station or a Valentine’s card you picked up at the corner shop. Put some time, effort and thought into your gift and it’ll help make the day unique. You’ll probably enjoy it as much as she will.