What Women Really Want for a Valentine’s Day Gift and How to Find It

Are you thinking of buying your wife some sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day this year? You’ll be interested to know research has shown a kiss goodbye before going off to work would be far more appreciated. The question you need to ask yourself is who are you buying the underwear for, really? If you’re being totally honest we think you’ll have to admit it’s really you. And if you want to make a grand romantic gesture, you’re much better off buying roses. Roses for Valentine’s Day are still a very popular gift with the ladies.
glasses and hearts
Out of 5,000 people surveyed, 34% of women said they’d be happy with underwear for a gift, but nearly twice as many said they’d much prefer flowers. And 1 in 5 of the women surveyed said they’d never received flowers, so maybe you should make this one of your Valentines gifts for your wife.

For a little more of an insight into the preferences of women on Valentine’s Day why not read this article we found in the Daily Mail?

Alongside flowers which we’ve already mentioned, other popular gifts to give to your wife are chocolates and jewellery.

Make her eyes sparkle this Valentines Day with an item of jewellery

blue_pendant_valentines_dayJewellery will always be a great gift for your wife, regardless of the occasion. Birthday’s, anniversaries, even Christmas, but most certainly Valentine’s Day, is just the right kind of event. You might be thinking that you’ve already bought her plenty of jewellery, so does she really need anything else? Don’t be daft, of course she does, because a lady can never have enough. There are so many different styles, materials and precious stones that you’ll never need to worry about a gift being repeated.

You can buy her something small, but nevertheless meaningful, if you’re on a tight budget, or a more extravagant piece of jewellery if you’re feeling rather flush. You have plenty of options when it comes to giving jewellery to your Valentine, as there are plenty of items that feature hearts. The added bonus with an item of jewellery is you can have it engraved with some well chosen words.

If she’s not concerned about piling on the pounds, give your wife chocolates this Valentines Day
If you gave your wife chocolates last year, and possibly even the year before, you might be wondering whether this kind of gift is inappropriate this year. Chocolates, and even candy will always be appreciated but as you gave it to your wife last year, try and think a little out of the box, and make your chocolate gift different. An assortment of chocolates in a heart-shaped box is going to appear unimaginative if you keep giving it to her year after year. And quite frankly why would you? There are so many other chocolatey delights, let’s be honest with you, we’d have to agree. Unimaginative in the extreme. Yes she’s going to smile sweetly, but underneath that smile she’s going to be disappointed.

Chocolate covered strawberries, homemade candy, a personalised bar of chocolate, and so many other options we’d need a small book in order to list them all.

Make this year special for the woman of your dreams

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you and thousands of others are scrabbling to find the perfect gift for their girlfriend, or wife. The usual gifts such as soft toys, candy, sweets, and flowers are always going to be popular. But what if you fancy doing something different? It’ll certainly liven the day up a bit and give your significant other memories to remember. Read on and we’ll share some memorable ideas.

Create a date box – Give your wife a basket filled with all the things needed to make a perfect date night. Include some DVD’s if she’s a movie lover, CD’s if she loves a tune or two, tasty snacks such as olives, cheese and crackers and a few romantic candles to set the atmosphere.

golden-valentines-day-gift-vaseDonate to charity – Love doesn’t have to be expressed just to those close to you. Direct your love to those in need of some extra hought and care. You could even direct your love towards another species altogether. Make a donation close to the heart of your beloved wife, to help care for those in need.

Have a picnic at midnight – This is a very cute but relatively inexpensive gift to give your wife for Valentine’s Day. It’s something a bit silly, but should also be fun. You can make up a picnic basket from things you have at home. Either wake her up in the middle of the night and surprise her, or let her know your plans so you can both have a nap in the afternoon. To prevent you both from falling asleep into your sandwiches. If your kids are old enough you might want to involve them in the surprise.

Take dance or cooking classes together – Are there some dance steps you’ve both been longing to learn? Tango, salsa, ballroom, or swing would be the kind of steps that require you to get up close and personal. It’ll also be a tremendous amount of fun for you both. Cooking classes are also a good way to spend some time together, learning something new.

Do nothing at all – Rather than feeling obliged to take part in an event you’re not wholeheartedly keen on have an un-Valentine’s Day. No loving gestures, fuss, or special gifts. No declarations of undying love. Instead save these for every other day of the year. Love is an important emotion and far too significant a part of a successful marriage to be left for just one day of the year.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend, you guys really have it easy. There are plenty of traditional Valentine’s gifts to choose from, and lots of options if you want to do something different but still want your gift to be romantic. We appreciate there will be times when you come unstuck and we hope we’ve helped to fill the gap.