Adorable Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

There’s plenty of advice available when it comes to the problem of Valentines gift for her, but not quite so much when you’re faced with the dilemma of finding the best Valentine’s gifts for men. We’ve already touched on the female of the species so we’re now going to focus our attention on the men. It could be your boyfriend, husband or a certain tall, dark stranger you admire from afar. Whoever the gift is for there are some important things to keep in mind. Pay close attention to the following tips and this coming Valentine’s Day is all set to be the best on record so far.

Perfecting the dark art of picking Valentine’s Day gifts for him

valentines day giftsYour first choices might include chocolates, a bottle of wine, cologne or a DVD, but isn’t it about time you thought a little more out of the box? Your gift should be something that he really wants but wouldn’t purchase himself. If you keep in mind his taste, style and preferences you’ll soon have one of the best Valentine’s gifts for men.

A gift that he wants

When you’re sat watching TV together or walking through the local town centre pay attention to what he’s looking at and the off hand comments he might make. These will be good indicators of the kind of gift you could choose. He might even go to buy something and then think better of it. The item might be way out of your budget but it should give you food for thought. Say for example, he can never resist jumping behind the wheel of the top spec Audi in the local car showroom. Buying him his favourite model of car is possibly a bit of a tall order, but you could always try and get him a scaled down model.

A gift he never realised he needed

This is going to be a little more difficult and will call on your powers of perception and ability to prise titbits of information from your lovers lips. Think about the things he already likes and see if you can find a gift that is not the same but related. Say he enjoys a particular author, then ask at the local bookshop for something similar. If he has a favourite type of music then download as much as you can onto a memory stick. Is he a bit of a cheese freak? Then take him out for the day and find out how it’s made.

Gifts should be personal

Your lives may be filled with heaps of other responsibilities and commitments but there is no more personal gift that the gift of your time. Don’t worry about the housework, weekly shop or having coffee with your friends because this Valentine’s Day your husband is going to be your only concern. If you decide to do something together then make sure the choice is his. If you both fancy watching a movie grin and bear it even if it’s something you don’t particularly like. If romance is what you’re aiming for then bear in mind his idea of romance may not be the same as yours.

How about trying something homemade?

You don’t need any specific skills just a little creativity to make a gift that will have your husband or boyfriend grinning from ear to ear. Making one of our suggestions with your own fair hands will show him how much he means to you, but if you’re afraid that he’ll consider you a bit of a skinflint give one of these creative gifts alongside something that cost a few quid.

gifts for himA box of memories – Pick out a cute box from the local craft store, or decorate a shoebox if you’ve got one hanging around. This is where a modicum of creativity will come in handy. You could cut out coloured heart-shapes and stick them on the lid, or find a sweet piece of Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. A picture of the pair of you could be popped on the lid, and inside put some mementos of your time together.

A scrapbook – Much the same as a memory box, but everything will have a home in a book. You could use the scrapbook as a way to chart your developing relationship. From the very first peck on the cheek to where you stand today.

A collage of memories – This is the kind of gift that will have pride of place on his wall, and be a constant reminder of all the good times you’ve had together.

More creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him include:

  • A homemade movie that charts your life together – There are plenty of sites online that will help. Simply upload some of your favorite images, video clips and photos, along with a few of his favourite tunes and it’s really simple to put it all together.
  • A playlist of love songs – A playlist of love songs will remind him the good times you’ve shared. iTunes will also let you add pictures for an even more memorable and unique gift.
  • A treasure hunt – This is a fun and creative way to spend some time on a rainy Valentine’s Day afternoon.
  • Spend a romantic evening together – Turn the lights down, light some candles, add some romantic music and you’ve got the beginnings of a romantic evening at home together. Throw in a home cooked meal and a bottle of bubbly and you’re all set.

This coming Valentine’s Day turn the tables on your special someone and let him be the centre of attention for a change. Don’t fret if you’ve haven’t got a lot of money spare to buy the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him, because making something yourself will be a very loving and thoughtful gesture.