Make His Day Special with Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Buying gifts for the man in your life is hard enough. Without the added pressure of it being a Valentines gift for him. If you’re someone that finds buying gifts for the guys a little bothersome and would appreciate some help the good news is you’re in the right place. The odds are stacked against the ladies, as many of the Valentine’s gifts available are tailored towards the fairer sex. Flowers, chocolates, jewellery and going out for dinner are all options any lady is sure to enjoy. But when it comes to buying Valentines gifts for guys things can be rather challenging. Many of the generic gifts involve hearts, cute cupids, the colours pink and red, and quite frankly these aren’t the kind of gifts your boyfriend is going to welcome.
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One great way to demonstrate your feelings is by making your boyfriend a homemade gift. He’s a lot more sentimental than you give him credit for really, and he’s bound to appreciate the effort that’s gone into his gift.

Homemade Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend

Giving your boyfriend a Valentines gift that comes from your heart will make his day really special. It could be something practical, goofy, and even romantic. The possibilities are countless, regardless of his personal taste and style. Whether he loves nature, sport, sophisticated beverages, tasty meals, music, chocolate and even flowers we’ll feature ideas for them all.

a-warm-valentines-hat-gift-for-himKeep him warm with a practical gift – February 14th in the UK is still in the midst of winter so give him a gift that will keep him warm. Dust of the knitting needles and knit him a warm hat and scarf. If you’re not well versed with the art of knitting you might want to get some help from your mum or grandma.

If your guy enjoys a giggle – A pair of boxer shorts with a humorous message will be cute and sexy. And he’ll never be disappointed with a new set of underwear. Why not buy a plain white pair and have a go at decorating them yourself? Have a go at tie-dying or stencil on some hearts.

A gift that appeals to his romantic side – If you’re planning a night at home give him some homemade candles. Wrap a bottle of wine with a personalised label, or have an antique tile decorated with his favourite photograph. And of course let’s not forget cooking his favourite meal.

For the music lover – Compile a CD full of his favourite tunes, or create a sentimental playlist with an online music service. For something really unusual, why not make a bowl out of one of those old vinyl records? Make sure it’s not one that’s worth a fortune though.

For the lover of all things nature – Next time you finish a two litre bottle of fizzy save the empty bottle to make a bird feeder. He’ll be so touched when you give him this gift, because it will appeal to two sides of his personality. The one that loves nature and all its wonders, and his concern for saving the planet. Or why not make him his own family of pets using sea shells and googly eyes?

Valentine’s Day may be just round the corner, but you don’t have to stress if you’re running out of time. Everyone loves receiving gifts from the people you love so don’t let the day pass without a celebration. Making gifts yourself means they’ll be more sentimental, and your boyfriend is sure to cherish one of the following ideas.

Handcrafted Valentines gifts for your boyfriend

A bouquet of his favourite tipples – When he hands over your bouquet of red roses give one back to him in the form of a bouquet of booze. It’s really easy to make and won’t take up hours of your time. And if he’s not much of a drinker you can substitute the bottles for candy bars. You’re going to need a container for presenting the bouquet in, lots of small bottles of his favourite booze, some wooden sticks (make sure they’re pretty strong), glue, paint and ribbons.

mug-gift-for-boyfriendA personalised mug for his morning cuppa – This is a really inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, but it may also be one of the sweetest he’s ever received. Buy a plain white mug from a pound shop and some oil-based permanent markers. Personalise it however you see fit. Write anything you want on his mug, for example lyrics to a favourite song, a personal joke, loving message or just something fun and humorous. Everytime he uses the mug he’ll be reminded of you.

Upcycle an old pack of playing cards – If you’ve got a worn out pack of playing cards this is a sweet and meaningful gift you can make and it won’t cost you a penny. The idea is to write the things you love about him, one of each card, and make them into a book. Hopefully you’ll be able to come up with 52 of them. Decorate one card however you like, as this will make the cover for your book.

Love coupons for him to exchange throughout the year – Rather than giving him a gift he can only enjoy on one day of the year give him a gift he can enjoy several times over. Many online stores offer these ready made, but where’s the love in that? You can also print off some blank coupons from many online sites and fill them out with your own ideas. They could be romantic, loving or even slightly risque gestures – however you want to offer up your love.

Make your boyfriend’s Valentine’s gifts this year and watch his face light up with surprise. He’ll spot the love and thought you put into his gift from a mile off and truly appreciate the effort you’ve put in. You might be considering making him something again next year, so keep coming back to our page because we’ve got lots more ideas we want to share.