What Your Husband Really Wants for his Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is the day for giving gifts that centre around love and romance. Which makes finding a gift for your husband a little bit challenging. If your husband already has everything he needs or wants it makes the challenge doubly hard. You want a gift that’s unique because this is what he’ll appreciate, but the difficulty comes with picking one from all the many that are available. There are countless sweet and fluffy teddy bears, heart-shaped cushions, paper roses and cuddly cupids but these are better suited to the fairer sex. Nevertheless don’t feel downhearted, because we’ve got some brilliant Valentine’s gift ideas for husbands to share with all our fans.

You’ve been relying on socks, ties, and old-fashioned men’s fragrances for too long now. So how about going all out this year with one of our ‘man-sized’ Valentines gifts for your husband.

Valentines gift ideas for a husband should indicate the special place he has in your heart

heart puzzle
Men long to be admired for all they do – You might be surprised to learn that your husband longs to feel appreciated. He does after all make countless sacrifices so he can provide for his family, which shouldn’t go unnoticed. Do something with the kids and come up with creative ways to say thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father.

Undisturbed leisure time – What does your husband love to spend his free time doing? Does he enjoy an afternoon watching football, sat on the riverbank fishing, or is he into photography or playing the latest online games? This Valentines Day free up some time so he has nothing to worry about apart from enjoying his hobby, without any interruptions. Make it even more special by preparing a spread of his favourite snacks.

Enjoy an outing together doing something he loves – Fishing, playing golf or watching footie may not be your favourite pastimes, but he’ll really appreciate your company if you tag along. Just for one day put your own preferences to one side and do something with him. Put on a brave face and try and enjoy yourself.
Give him a taste of his favourite foods – Hopefully it’ll be something you can make, but even if it’s a Big Mac and side dish of fries, this Valentines Day give him a meal to remember.

A celebration of his best qualities – A Valentines gift for your husband that shows off his best qualities will be greatly appreciated by the man in your life. Buy him a new set of tools, a new fishing rod or that pair of trainers he’s been longing to buy.

Whatever gift you choose to give your husband on Valentines Day make sure it expresses how much he means to you and how much you value who he is.

Tie to share some of the other Valentines gift ideas for husbands we consider to be perfect for such a special man in your life.

Gift ideas for your husband on Valentines Day

Buying a meaningful Valentine’s gift for your husband can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got used to buying him the same old tie or socks every passing year. Take a little inspiration from the following creative ideas and even the pickiest husband will feel really special this coming Valentines Day.

For the fitness freak – This kind of guy will benefit from some new sports gear to wear, some exercise equipment or a digital exercise tracking device so he can keep track of his progress and feel proud of the milestones he’s achieved. Smartphones offer this kind of technology but there are also devices he could strap to his wrist that will also measure his heart beat and ensure he’s not overdoing his exercise.

For the guy who needs to unwind – Does your husband work hard all week and deserve a gift to help him unwind? There are different kinds of massagers such as those for the shoulders and neck, and also furniture you can buy with a built-in massaging function. This kind of gift will be a great way to encourage him to relax. If your husband spends a great deal of his time sat behind the wheel driving, get one he can use in his car.

projector-for-him-for-valetnines-dayA luxury item for his man-cave – Whether he likes sports or movies projecting it onto the wall or an outdoor screen is something any man and his mates will enjoy. Buy him a portable projector and he’ll have heaps of fun. Take care in choosing, because there are so many different options to pick from, but LED projectors and those with high definition are the most popular. The quality of the picture created is almost as good as a TV screens, and for your husband and his mates it’ll be like sitting in the cinema.

The gift of his favourite tipple – After a long day at work does your husband relax with a glass of his favourite tipple? If he loves to unwind with a glass of his favourite Cabernet Sauvignon or American Bourbon give him a bottle so he doesn’t have to worry about running out. If he’s doesn’t drink all that much alcohol perhaps he’d prefer a selection of the tastiest teas and coffees.

For the guy who loves a BBQ – On long hot summer days can your husband always be found tending the BBQ? Purchasing him a BBQ set will be a great option. Consider upgrading his current grill to one that includes stainless steel utensils, cedar planks and seasoning salts for a greatly improved BBQ experience. There are other accessories he might appreciate such as a smoker, grill or some man-sized steaks to place on the grill. And don’t forget a fun or romantic apron to top off your gift.

Don’t fret this Valentines Day over finding the perfect gift for your husband. Just think about the things he loves doing and you’re sure to find something to suit him whatever his taste.