Unique Valentine’s Gifts for all Those Wonderful Men in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air. Which means you’re also going to need to dip into your bank account, because Valentine’s Day also requires a bit of spending. According to a survey conducted for Travelodge, men spent £623 million on Valentine’s gifts last year, while the ladies only forked out £355 million. Per person that works out at roughly £40 spent by men on their partners, and £24 spent by females. A Japanese online retailer however, puts the figure much higher with the average spend working out at £119. Slightly more expensive gifts seem to be coming quite popular. For example jewellery, lingerie, iPads and luxury watches.
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But what should you buy for the man in your life, as chocolates and flowers probably aren’t really his thing. We’ve discovered some unique Valentines gift ideas for him that won’t leave a big dent in your budget. Whether he’s a bit of a techie, more the outdoorsy kind or a hopeless romantic, we’ve some practical, fun, inexpensive and unique gifts for men that won’t break the bank.

A book full of fun coupons
This is your chance to give him a year full of gifts, and you don’t necessarily have to spend any money if you make it yourself. You can, of course, buy this kind of gift from many different online retailers which contain romantic notes you can pull out and slip into his lunch box, briefcase, under his pillow or stick onto the dash of his car. As well as romantic notes there are also various gestures or services he can exchange the coupons for. Such as washing up for a week, letting him have the TV remote for the evening or washing his car. Some are really quite ‘naughty’ so we’ll leave those to your imagination.

A night at the movies
A digital download of his favourite action movie will delight even the cynics. Action movies may not be your favourite genre, but it’s time to shake off your preferences and curl up on the sofa with a large tub of popcorn.
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
When it comes to unique gifts for men food is a perfect choice. Rather than give him chocolates, which are considered traditional Valentine’s fare, give him a hamper filled with sausages, cold meats, cheese, crackers and a bottle of his favourite wine. Why not give him a basket filled with baked goods? That you’ve baked yourself of course. After all you’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off since the first series, so isn’t it about time you mixed up a few ingredients?

If your man is the sporty or outdoorsy type
Is your Valentine more of a sporty kind of guy? Is he more of an outdoor enthusiast? Consider giving this kind of guy a travel mug with the logo of his favourite team on it, a compass, so he doesn’t get lost, or a survival kit that will make sure he’s prepared for any emergency.

Unique gifts for him if he loves his gadgets
How about a rollup computer keyboard, or a set of speakers on a keychain.
For the business professional
The internet has taken away the need for all those bits of paper in the business world, but it’s still not found a way to replace the good-old business card. Give him a business card case and have it engraved with his initials.

Gifts for the man who loves reading
E-readers have become very popular gifts for men, and their popularity has led to a big drop in their prices. But if your man prefers to flick through a real paper book this will make a great gift for your guy. If you want to be romantic why not give him a book of love poems? You could even have a go at writing one yourself.

A couple’s massage
It’s not just the ladies that love a spot of pampering, men also like to feel pampered from time to time. Spending the day with him at a spa would be a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for him. Enjoy a couple’s massage and let the worries of your daily grind slowly fade away, or try out one of the many other treatments that will be available. Relax in the jacuzzi and then hit the sauna and you’ll both be floating on air.

A tool for all occasions
Unique gifts for men come in all shapes and sizes but one that’s worth considering is a multi-tool. Quite simply a practical gift, but one that will remind him of you everytime he uses it. When he’s got to do some work around the house he’ll appreciate a handy tool he can use much of the time.

An exciting experience
motorbike-gift-ideas-for-valentines-dayIf you think that the usual gifts for him are a little boring give him a unique Valentines gift of an experience. There are racetracks across the UK that offer exotic car rides. He might even enjoy a day learning how to drift or pull wheelies on his motorbike. Give him an experience that has his heart pounding and he’ll always remember it. You never know, he might like to you come along and enjoy the ride.

Finding unique Valentine’s gifts for a boyfriend or husband can be a little challenging. It’s a challenge that needs you to devote time and thought to. There are hundreds of gifts that will suit the man in your life, but you need it to be something he really wants or needs. A gift that he won’t be able to say no to will show that you know him and love to give him gifts you know he’ll like. We hope that our unique Valentines gift ideas for him will inspire you, and he’ll receive a gift he’ll enjoy.

It’s not as difficult as you first think, the problem comes with choosing just one from the many on offer. Remember to put yourself in his shoes and imagine what he would like, and you’re bound to be successful.