Gold is the Modern Day Pink

At one time, Valentine’s Day gifts for girls were always pink and girly, however now we are in the 21st century times have changed and gold has taken over as the modern day pink. Sophisticated ladies of today would much rather receive a classy gold gift than a pink trinket that holds very little meaning. Pink is often associated with February 14th because it is thought to be the colour of affection and sweetness, the combination of the purity of white with the passion of vibrant red, however when it comes to selecting and appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for her, it is probably better to leave the pink to the greetings cards and choose something long lasting and meaningful such as a romantic golden gift.

Why is Gold a Great Gift Idea?

gold barsGold is a metal with a long and illustrious history. Artefacts have been found that show it was in use as long ago as the 2nd millennium BC and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs have been discovered that refer to gold. The Romans were known to mine gold on an industrial scale and in South America, the Aztecs believed that it had been produced by the gods. In most cultures, gold has achieved iconic status, featuring in songs, stories and legends as well as the Bible and it is acknowledged to be so valuable that alchemists have spent their lives dedicated to creating it from base metals. It is no wonder then that gold is so often used as a symbolic prize or award, with great achievements being commemorated with gold trophies and medals and the feat of reaching the 50th wedding anniversary being celebrated with gold gifts. The word has even passed into common usage as the pinnacle of perfection, with terms such as “a golden age” and “the gold standard” being frequently used. Today, there are many uses for gold, with some of these being quite surprising. Gold is a key component in the electronics industry and is often used in the production of medicines as well as for its better known decorative purposes. Gold is a substance that will last a lifetime, and so makes a perfect Valentine’s Day token for any lady who values a timeless gift.

Gold Roses – the Perfect Luxury Gift

Impress your wife this year with a luxurious gift that embodies the traditional elegance of Valentine’s Day roses with the magnificence of pure gold. A gorgeous 24 karat gold-dipped rose from Eternity Rose is one of the best ways to demonstrate your undying devotion in a present that will never fade nor tarnish but will stand forever as a testament to your love. Each unique flower has been selected for its special beauty and preserved forever as a work of art, capturing its perfect form. Every blossom is crafted by hand by skilled craftsmen and is then presented in a prestigious leather case, ready to be displayed with pride in a cabinet in any room of the home. She is sure to be impressed by the dazzling splendour of this stunning gift that expresses a thousand words of love.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Elegant Gold Jewellery

gold jewelryGold jewellery is a gift that is sure to stand the test of time. One of the most traditional presents for girls, a gold necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings will never fail to delight. With so many styles to choose from, you can be certain of choosing something that perfectly suits her tastes, whether she prefers contemporary designs or a piece with a classic edge. Gold is the ultimate expression of value and success, and when you give her a stylish piece of gold jewellery, you are showing her not only your joy at the happiness you share, but also the great value you place upon her. She will be left in no doubt as to the true sentiments of your heart when you surprise her with this gift on Valentine’s Day morning.

Capture the Essence of the Occasion With Gold Coloured Gifts

Not every budget can stretch to the expense of a pure gold gift, however you can still capture the essence of this metal’s beauty and meaning in a gold coloured present. Choose a bottle of Prosecco or Cava in a gold wrapped bottle, a pretty gold handbag, a piece of gold clothing or even a gold silk scarf to embody lavishness and sophistication. She is sure to appreciate the gesture just as much as if you had given her a much more expensive gift, and its symbolism is certain to be recognised.