Last Minute DIY Gifts for Your Valentine

It may be your significant other, a Best Friend Forever or some other special someone who needs a little love on Valentine’s Day, and though the celebrated each year on 14 February, if the date has come around too fast this year, we’ve got some last minute DIY gift ideas for your Valentine. These include craft ideas as well as edible gifts.

Do you need Valentine’s gift for your loved one? Excellent Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Love notes

Leave love notes around the house starting with “I love you because…” or “I treasure…” Leave these notes in unusual places, like a coat pocket, a briefcase or lunch box, inside a shoe or on the car dashboard, to add to the surprise. In a similar vein, frame a dry-wipe board on which is etched “I love you because..” and fill in the blank with a dry erase marker for a gift that lasts all year round because. Personalised Valentine’s presents are such a wonderful idea, right.


If you have your photos stored online, create a photo booth style picture strip of your best photos together using an online photo editing suite and home printer. You can follow this up later with a photo-book with more photographs of your life together, which you can create online and have delivered.
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Carve your initials

Carve your initials into a wax candle using a cuticle remover tool or something similar. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, scratch out a heart shape or some flowers too.

Scrabble art

You can create your own work of art using scrabble letter tiles. This can be as simple as a co-joined “Love You” at the letter ‘o’ or if your names share a letter create this. Placed on a dark background within a frame, it looks great.

Lipstick art

Gift set for Valentines dayIf the idea of losing a scrabble tile brings you out in a cold sweat, another art idea is to get your favourite lipstick and leave your kisses on canvas that you can frame for your Valentine.

Finger crochet

Surprise your Valentine with a bracelet you’ve made yourself from some wool. You don’t need knitting needles or crochet hooks, just use your fingers to create a wrap bracelet secured with a button. There are several tutorials online and your gift could be ready in 30 minutes, unless you want to be adventurous and make an infinity scarf.

Secret love notes cushion

Create a heart shaped pocket on a cushion, so you always have a place to leave your love notes to each other.

52 reasons why I love you

love-you-aboutFind 52 reasons why you love your Valentine, be it their smile, their ability to make you laugh and much more. Print these all out onto address labels and stick one to each card in the pack.

Kiss in your pocket

If your Valentine calls you at midnight begging you to come over and kiss them goodnight or if they blow kisses as you’re driving away, then this pocket flip-book kiss is the perfect Valentines Day gift idea for you. First, take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss and print out several copies of this little picture of you on the corner of each print. Then use a red marker to draw one heart on the first picture, two on the second and so on. Use a hole punch to create holes to tie the pages together with ribbon and you have a kiss flip-book that your Valentine can always have a kiss of yours in their pocket.

Chocolate puns

Create a chocolate Valentine’s card using differently named chocolate bars. Create your text using a canvas on which you stick the actual bar of chocolate. This means your message could read something like “Dear Valentine, my head was in a bit of a Twirl with being so busy, but I want you to know that whilst my brain has been on Mars, I love you so much that I’ll Orbit the Galaxy or Milky Way with you. Let’s have a Picnic soon. Love you, you’re a Star x”

Promise coupons

Fill a jar with promises to your Valentine. This could be a foot rub, a promise to take the children out for the afternoon to give them a break, perhaps a breakfast in bed… use your imagination and get creative with promises that can be used throughout the year.

And finally…

Whilst these are all last-minute DIY gifts for your Valentine, you can order your beloved a gift that they can keep forever. Whilst this may arrive a day or two after the day itself, a beautifully crafted gift that lasts, will be appreciated. This could be a gold-plated pack of cards for the keen poker player or perhaps a gilded natural red rose that can be used for your next Valentine’s dinner and all the other romantic meals in between now and then.