Mass Kissing Record – Mexico 2009 Valentine’s Day

When you wake up on Valentine’s Day, probably one of the first things that you’ll do is kiss your partner as the perfect way to start the special day. But it’s unlikely that you’ll be sharing that romantic moment with thousands of other people. Yet, bizarre as it sounds, on Valentine’s Day 2009 tens of thousands of people all gathered together in Mexico to kiss their loved one and break the world record! Guinness World Records holds the details of many weird and wonderful feats, but this one for the most people kissing at the same time is one of the strangest.

Besame Mucho in Mexico City

sunset kissingAppropriately named, the Besame Mucho (translated as Kiss Me A Lot) event took place in Mexico City’s Zocalo square on February 14th 2009 and attracted almost 40,000 lovers, all wanting to play their part in beating the world record. The previous record was held by Weston super Mare in the UK where almost 33,000 people gathered to lock lips to take the title in 200. The total number of participants in Mexico was verified by Carlos Martinez from Guinness World Records as being 39,897, all attempting to bring more love and warmth to the capital city at a time when violence had been widespread across the nation as a result of a crackdown on drug trafficking. The event was organised by the city’s department of tourism, who were delighted with the outcome, even though the moment itself had actually been delayed by several hours as people were slow to arrive. Holding up to 100,000 people, the enormous Zocalo Square was eventually half full of couples, most of them young, and when the time arrived for the challenge, they held each other and kissed for ten seconds to make their way into the annals of Guinness World Records. A party atmosphere prevailed in the growing crowd, with city workers wearing cupid wings wandering around offering hugs, teenagers carrying signs offering kissing services and couples practising for the final key moment. It wasn’t only humans who were getting in on the act – one participant, Benito Zavala, joined in with setting the record by kissing his pet dog, Onix!

Crazy Kissing World Records

If mass kissing sounds bizarre, there are plenty of other kissing-related world records that are equally strange. If you have been inspired to try breaking records with your partner this Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas for you to try out.

  • Longest Kissing Record
    If you and your loved one have plenty of time to spare, you may want to try to beat the record set by Laksana and Ekkachai Tiranarat which was set on February 12th to 14th 2013. The couple managed to lock lips for an amazing 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds in Pattaya, Thailand, breaking the world record that they had previously set! They won a cash prize, diamond rings, and of course, the prestigious Guinness World Record title.
  • Most Eskimo Kisses
    kissingIt is said that Eskimos kiss by rubbing noses to prevent their lips from freezing together, and a woman called Bethany and her partner managed to take this bizarre world record by giving each other no less than 50 consecutive nose rubs.
  • Most Cheek Kisses in 15 Seconds
    If you’re pushed for time this Valentine’s Day, this is a record that only takes 15 seconds to complete, but you need to be speedy – Dani Martinez managed to give Anna Simon 55 pecks on the cheek in this short space of time on the Otra Movida TV show.
  • Most Kisses in 10 Seconds
    Another record that only takes a few seconds to break, this feat was achieved by Anthony Rake and Florence Boog in a nightclub in Fremantle, Australia – an impressive 51 kisses. Practice makes perfect – just think about how many times you can give this challenge a go on Valentine’s Day!
  • Most Kisses Under the Mistletoe
    It may not be Christmas, but you could dig out the decorations in February and try to beat the record set by Bill Biwer who managed to receive 95 kisses in 60 seconds when he was participating in a charity event.
  • Most People Kissed Within 10 Seconds
    If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you can still get your share of kisses if you try to beat the record set by Elizabeth Humber in 2009 in Chicago – an outstanding 21 people!
  • Most Dogs Kissed in 60 Minutes
    No need to worry this Valentine’s Day if you haven’t got a partner to practise kissing with, you could copy Billy Disney and try kissing dogs instead! Bizarrely, he managed to kiss six dogs on the face in 1 hour and took the record on the Record, Set, Go internet series.