Best Printable Valentine Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

When thinking of gifts for your boyfriend, a printable Valentine gift can be something made especially and uniquely for him. Giving fabulous gifts to show your love isn’t always easy, but these printable gift ideas will surprise the most important person in your life, showing just how caring and thoughtful you really are.

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Best Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Pre-planned date night cards

Print out of a years worth of pre-planned date nights that you know he will love. This is a gift to both of you really, as you commit to date each other throughout the year, irrespective of how busy life gets. Print out your date ideas on designed gift cards that you can download. Have one idea for each month, and add additional cards with pictures and words that are meaningful to you both for extra effect. Be sure to add a cover picture and a dedication card. These cards can be held together with a binder ring or with ribbon.

Your date nights don’t have to cost money. They don’t have to be at night either. A cycle ride followed by lunch at an amazing restaurant works well. If you have a favourite café, dress up as if going to a 5-star establishment to make it extra special. In your anniversary month, choose to re-read some of your love letters and write a letter to each other that you agree to open in 20 years time.


Mini-book What I Love About You from A-to-Z

Another printable gift idea for Valentine’s Day is to create 26 cards to give an A to Z of what you love about your boyfriend. Print out 26 individual cards showing one letter of the alphabet on each. Choose your word and give an example of what he’s done that makes you love that trait about him. For example, if you write that A is for Artistic, add what he has done to choose that word about him, perhaps his design of the kitchen, or the latest collage of photos for example.

Jar of goodies

If your boyfriend has favourite sweets or biscuits, fill a jar with these goodies with a label saying “We love you to pieces!” You can also add sweets into a Monday to Sunday pill box for a daily treat for a week. Also add printable slips of ‘I love you because…’ to each daily treat as a bonus. How sweet sounds these gift ideas for him.

A Valentine gift for every hour

When the special day of love come around and one gift doesn’t seem enough, have the celebration and surprises continue with gifts at every hour. Download all your personalised printable gift envelopes, boxes and don’t forget the clock gift tags to be sure he opens his present at the correct time.

Printed gift wrap for Valentine’s Day

There are printable gift tags online that you can use to remind your boyfriend how amazing, handsome, brilliant and loved they are. There are also printable boxes that can be personalised, printed, cut and folded. Choose from a variety of shapes including a french-fries box, a popcorn box, cake box, heart-shaped box, pyramid box and many more.

3D printables

Printable Valentine gift ideas also include 3D printables. 3D printing is no longer reserved for big companies, it is now in the mainstream consumer market. As the market has grown and the technology continues to develop, more materials and more affordable prices are growing.

3D printing uses different materials from plastic to ceramic, glass, stainless steel and precious metals. You can send upload your design to a 3D designer who can analyse the file and tell you which materials it can be printed in, and the cost of that. Almost anything can be 3D printed from glasses to jewellery. Some printers can also print in concrete, so it is possible to print out a house!

3D printable gifts

Since there are limitations to the size of items that can be 3D-printed, the most popular open-source files allow you to print out your own words, whether a line from a poem, a favourite quote or a nickname to be printed. Costs are reasonable, making it possible to give your boyfriend a customised and personalised gift.

You do not have to understand the technology to create a pair of 3D printable cuff-links, and if you like the idea of co-creating a design, your gift will have a story behind them and will make a great conversation starter. Whilst some gift ideas may be cheaper to buy retail, if the design you want is not available, then 3D printing is the way to go for something entirely original.

One of many 3D printable gifts already designed is a wooden tree trunk amplifier which offers acoustic benefits over plastic and boosts a smart-phone’s volume up to four times without needing any electronic components due to the gramophone-like funnel shape of the growth rings.