The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: According to how long you’ve been dating

When looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, this may depend on the length of time you’ve been together and how you both define your relationship. Appropriate gifts will be different depending on whether you’ve been dating a few weeks, months or have been married a multitude of years.
You may believe that every day is a day for romance and that Valentine’s Day is just a Saint’s day hijacked by Hallmark and others for commercial purposes and not because a man was martyred in 273 AD. However, if your lover enjoys the celebrations on February 14th, our ideas will help you find the perfect gift for this annual event, based on the amount of time you’ve been a couple.

One to three months

Red_Roses_and_ChocolatesValentine’s Day will never be so simple again. Flowers and chocolates will make a good impression. Send an actual card and not an e-card to their email address. Also put some effort into the flowers, buying from a florist and not a garage or the local hospital shop. Buy long stem roses if you’re unsure. Buy luxury chocolates if you don’t know what is her favourite.

At this stage, you don’t need to worry about an additional gift, but if you want to, choose something that’s not too personal unless you are absolutely certain, and it’s not wishful thinking, that the feelings you have are mutual. If your gift is over-the-top it may make you appear needy or desperate, but you can still select something meaningful that indicates you are looking towards a bright future. This could be a play-list of their favourite songs plus some others you think they may enjoy.

Three to six months

If you’re using the word boyfriend or girlfriend, and if you’ve found that your Valentine has left personal items in your home and you’ve both removed your profile from online dating sites, then you’re now a couple. In addition to the flowers and chocolates, add a memorable, romantic meal. This can be at your favourite restaurant or cook at home, creating a nice ambiance in the room with candles, music and good wine.

Other gifts are still casual at this stage, but now you are more certain of each others interests, add a gift that is something personal to them. It they love their coffee, gift a mug with hearts made with your own thumb prints or from their favourite brand. A mixologist pack for those who enjoy trying new drink recipes is another simple, but thoughtful gift.

If you do want to gift jewellery, consider a necklace, bracelet, or great pair of earrings that are meaningful without suggesting a life-commitment.
Six months to two years

By now, you’ve met each others families. It’s not just the families that may be considering it’s time for an engagement to be announced. If you’re not planning a proposal then be careful of gifting a ring, though other jewellery will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Instead of flowers treat your Valentine to plants for the garden. This could be a rose bush or an apple tree that you can watch grow together. Chocolate and champagne are always welcome, but a bit more effort is required so add the best premium steaks to your romantic dinner and a massage with dessert.

Additional gifts don’t need to cost a lot of money, but must be something your Valentine will love. This could be tickets to watch their favourite sports team, or to listen to their favourite band. It could be cooking or dancing classes you can join together or a download of their favourite actor’s movies. If you want to buy lingerie, choose this together for a fun afternoon shopping.

Two years ’til death do you part

Whilst you may have become so comfortable being each other’s Significant Other that you say ‘we’ when you really mean ‘I’, Valentine’s Day should hold the same romance as your very first. The first Valentine’s Day after your wedding needs to be made memorable. Consider a piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion, such as a pair of diamond earrings or a piece of jewellery from a set that can be added to over time.

The happiest couples, according to researchers, remember the beginnings of their relationship. Recollect what worked in the beginning, whether it was the chocolate, the candles or oysters. You may be at a stage in your relationship when spending time in bed is a luxury now that children have arrived or are on their way. In this case, the finest bed linen is a luxurious gift you can both enjoy, and with bedding made with the highest thread-count you can afford, this is one of the best investments you will ever make.