What Makes a Valentine’s Gift Romantic

February 14th is a day for romance, isn’t that what they say? But what does romance mean exactly? Romance is an idea, like happiness and love, that means different things to different people. Bo Derek running along the beach in the movie “10”, is that what you consider to be romantic? Meeting in an exotic location, or feeling like you’ve got butterflies in your stomach might be your idea of romance. But with the washing up waiting to be done, the cat to feed, dogs to walk and lunch boxes to get ready for the kids there is no time or space left for unrealistic ideas of romance.
romantic gifts for valentines day
Instead let’s be a little more down to earth and realistic with our ideas of romance. Wikipedia defines romance as an expressive and pleasurable feeling felt as a result of an emotional attraction towards another person. We think that’s a much better way to look at this often conflicting emotion. It’s an expression of love or the desire to connect deeply with another person. It’s our human need to love and be loved and to experience a deep connection with another person that is all part and parcel of romance.

What is the key to giving romantic Valentine’s Day gifts?

There has been a lot of research into the issue of romantic gifts, but the overriding opinion seems to be that the key to giving a romantic gift is it’s personal meaning. Costing hundreds of pounds won’t make a gift romantic. Some of the most romantic gifts of all cost nothing at all. Making your partner a real nice dinner could be considered really romantic. Provided of course, it’s not baked beans on toast. Unless it’s their favourite that is.

And if you think that flowers and chocolates are a romantic Valentines gift think again, unless you make sure you buy her favourites.

Well that’s all very well and good we hear you crying, but what would be considered romantic Valentine ideas?

Romantic Valentines ideas that won’t be considered mushy or cliche

GiftNow is probably a pertinent time to let you know that us humans are all pretty different, unique in our own special way. But then you probably already knew that! The reason we’re stressing it is because the romantic ideas we’re about to share with aren’t going to necessarily be the ones for you or your partner. The idea is to give you a few ideas and kind of get the imagination working. It’s up to you to personalise them as you see fit.

Plan a surprise excursion – Taking your wife to the zoo for the day or treating her to an expensive meal followed by tickets to a West End show would be a great surprise for your wife or girlfriend. It might be a bit cold for a picnic outside, but why not have one indoors in front of a flickering fire? Meet her straight after work and whisk her off somewhere exclusive, or leave her a note and tell her to meet you at a local bar. You might want to give her a hint of what you’re planning if there’s something special she’ll need to wear. Turning up for a night at the opera in denims and t-shirt might not go down too well with other members of the audience.

Her own personal massage – Or a massage for him, after a long day at work, will always be a romantic gesture. And if you think they’d prefer some other kind of massage there’s always the feet, head massage, or simply a soak in a lovely warm bath.

Turn her workmates green with envy – Some females might say this is a bit cheesy, but there are plenty of ladies who’d be bowled over by receiving a bouquet of flowers at work.

Do some housework – Are you the kind of guy that leaves the housework up to your other half. Imagine how much she’ll appreciate a day off this Valentine’s Day. While you get on with the housework, not leave it until tomorrow so she can catch up with everything she missed doing.

Make it a day dedicated to her – This will be a well received Valentine’s Day idea. Out of all the things she loves doing choose a few of them, and serve up her favourite meal for dinner, even if it means ordering a takeaway.

Leave little love notes – Post-it notes are a wonderful invention, and they mean you can stick little love notes all over the house. And don’t forget one in the lunch box, handbag and on the dashboard of her car.

valentines-day-movie-nightOrganise a movie night – And curl up together with some popcorn to watch her favourite kind of movie. If chick flicks are her thing then you need to put aside your own feelings for the evening and make sure there’s a box of tissues near and handy.

Breakfast in bed – You’ll see this suggestion time and time again, but all the ladies here agree you can never have this gift too often to become boring. It’s Valentine’s Day after all so a little bit of effort and dragging yourself out of bed before your wife or girlfriend will be rewarded with the biggest smile ever.

Traditional Valentine’s gifts – The traditional Valentine’s gifts of chocolates and flowers can still work a treat. Don’t leave your gift buying till the last minute or you’ll both be disappointed with the options left on the shelf. A wilted and sorry looking bunch of roses and a bog-standard box of chocolates aren’t the kind of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts to melt anyone’s heart. Plan things early and you’ll have a much better choice.

So there you have it. A brief explanation of our idea of romance and a few suggestions to get you started. If there’s anything we’ve missed or you’ve got an idea that worked brilliantly drop us a line and let us know.