What Makes for a Unique Valentine’s Gift?

You’ve decided, in your ultimate wisdom, that this year unique gifts are the order of the day. No more choosing generic presents for the people you love. This year all your gifts are going to be aimed at the recipient and for Valentine’s Day you’re going to push the boat out and find the most perfect, yet unique Valentine’s gifts for him or for her. If you’ve set yourself this challenge and are now wondering exactly where to start, read on and we’ll share some useful tips and suggestions that have worked for other people. You never know they might work for you, or at the very least serve to inspire you into doing your own thing.

Creative and original Valentine’s gift ideas

creative valentines day giftsBe a little more original this year than traditional flowers and chocolates and try one of the following inspired ideas. Traditional is a great stand-by if you find yourself out of time and in need of a quick Valentine’s Day gift fix. Instead, why not give yourself a bit of time for the planning and think a little out of the box? Boring gifts should be left on the side for an emergency and instead you should be getting creative and looking for unique Valentine’s gifts.

What about a unique experience?

This unique Valentine’s Day gift idea will leave the recipient with priceless memories. What sort of experiences are on offer?

  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Cooking or dancing classes
  • Afternoon tea at a top hotel
  • A gourmet dining experience at a famous restaurant
  • Sky diving experience
  • A cruise up the Thames
  • Tickets for a music concert or sporting event

Bet your Valentine would love a monogrammed bathrobe

Choose one that’s silky and romantic or warm and comfortable made from cotton. Robes make an intimate gift for loved ones. Choose one that’s black or red to keep with a traditional Valentine’s Day theme, and make sure the pocket has his or her initials carefully embroidered. If you fancy a bit of fun get a matching one for yourself.

A digital picture frame

This gift is actually pretty common, unless you add a photograph that means something and it suddenly becomes pretty unique. It’ll also look pretty cool hung on the wall or decorating a shelf. Load up lots of photos of you and your special someone. They could be from a recent holiday, a special event, a new home or an addition to the family. Don’t forget to include a USB cable and the instructions, so that more images can be added at a later date.

Kama Sutra kit

Spice up your evenings in the bedroom with a ready made kit full of user friendly items such as massage oils, feather ticklers, body dust, silk scarves and fluffy handcuffs.

A backpack for your romantic picnics

How many times have you set out for a picnic and found that you’ve left something behind? You end up eating with your fingers because you forgot to pack a knife and fork, or drinking from a bottle because you forgot to bring along a couple of glasses. Buy your sweetheart a gift you can both make use of. Better make sure you try it out for size to make sure everything is inside.

Pillowcases with your picture on them

There are plenty of personalised gift sites that allow you to upload a memorable photo that they will very helpfully print on a pillowcase for you. But you can in fact do it yourself at home too. Using iron on transfer sheets you can transfer any image you want onto pillowcases or sheets. Add a romantic message using fabric markers or paints and you’ve created a great Valentine’s gift.

Why not let them wish upon their very own star?

There are so many stars up there in the night sky that there are plenty to go around and for one of them to be given to your darling. Find a star gift company online and your sweetheart will be given directions that will enable the special star to be spotted in the night sky and a certificate that can be redeemed and named after your own Valentine star.

We appreciate not everybody has a certain someone to spend the day with so how about we finish up with some creative Valentine’s gift ideas you can give to yourself.

Unique Valentine’s gift for those who are single

unique giftA pamper day all for you – What better day to enjoy a spot of pampering? You deserve the best, because being alone on such a romantic day doesn’t mean that you’re any less special than all those couples celebrating the day. Treat yourself like a prince or princess even if it’s only for one day.

Get in touch with other single friends and family – One of your single friends or family members will definitely appreciate a phone call. Tell them how much they mean to you, even if it makes you feel a bit mushy. If you’re much better at putting your feelings down on paper then splash out on some Valentine’s Day cards and get them in the post.

Do something for the community – You might be feeling alone on Valentine’s Day but there are plenty more people in your community far less fortunate than you. Do some volunteer work in a local shelter, deliver some flowers to a nearby old folks home or make a donation to one of your favourite charities.

Whatever your situation, this Valentine’s Day be sure to find a gift that expresses your feelings of love and affection. It’s a great
opportunity to spread some love into the lives of those people who are important to you.