How to Make Valentine’s Day the Best Day Ever

It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year – a time to show that special someone just how much they mean to you and to make the flame of passion burn a little brighter. Whether you are celebrating this holiday with a brand new partner, or whether you just want to rekindle your romance after so many years, make this year one to remember for a lifetime with these suggestions that will make your Valentine’s Day the best day ever.

The Sweetest Awakening

backyard girlBeing woken with a kiss isn’t just for the princess in the fairytale, and breakfast in bed is one of the most romantic gestures. Whether your partner’s favourite is pancakes, bacon and eggs or Danish pastries, surprise them with a tray loaded with tasty treats and a bunch of pretty flowers to start the day as you mean to go on, with a long kiss. This magical awakening will set you up for a truly special day.

Find Hidden Treasure

It goes without saying that you will be buying your sweetheart a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but why not extend the moment by turning your surprise into a game? One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts is to leave your partner clues around the house with a small treat hidden with each one – perhaps a love poem, a heart-shaped photograph of you both together, or simply a note saying “I love you”, until they finally discover the wonderful present that you have chosen for them.

Scatter Some Sweet Treats

Little things can make all the difference when it comes to creating beautiful Valentine’s Day memories. Buy some heart shaped chocolates or sweets and, on the evening before, hide them where your partner is sure to find them throughout their day – in their lunch box, in the bathroom cabinet, in the fridge, in their car, in their bag… This is the gift that keeps giving the whole day long, and with each treat that is found, your loved one is reminded again of just how much they are loved and appreciated.

Pack a Hamper

couple in the parkThe way to your partner’s heart is always through their stomach, but a fancy restaurant isn’t always the most romantic setting. Instead, why not pack a hamper full of gourmet delicacies and head out to a secluded picnic spot to spend some quality time together? Feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries and sip a glass of champagne as you toast another wonderful year together under a beautiful sunset.

Enjoy Some Pampering

Valentine’s Day is all about reconnecting as a couple, so why not book yourselves into a spa for the day and enjoy a pampering couple’s massage? What could be more special than unwinding together in an atmosphere of complete relaxation where you can simply enjoy being in each other’s company? Alternatively, why not recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home? Just light some scented candles, play some soft music and forget about the stress of daily life for a few hours.

Recreate Your First Date

couple on the grassWhat could be more special than recreating the moment when the story of your love began? Relive your first date by reserving a table at the same restaurant, going to see a movie at the same cinema or going for coffee in the same cafe. Reminisce about those special memories and remember all of the happy times that you have shared together since that day.

Visit Your Partner at Work

Unfortunately, we can’t always take the day off work on Valentine’s Day, but one way to make your partner’s day unforgettable is to visit them in their workplace. Bring a card and a bouquet of flowers and surprise your loved one when they least expect it. Why not serenade them at their desk, or read them a love poem in the office? Their colleagues are sure to be impressed, and your special someone will remember this special moment forever.

Watch a Romantic Movie

Romance is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes all it takes to make a special moment is to take some time out and relax in each other’s company. In today’s busy world, being able to sit back together on the sofa with some snacks, a drink and a romantic movie is often all you need to enjoy a perfect Valentine’s Day together. Turn the lights down low, crack open the champagne and settle down with some popcorn as you watch one of your favourite films. A perfect end to a perfect day.