Avoid Ending up in the Doghouse and Walk By Those Valentine’s Day Gifts She Doesn’t Want

We thought we should give some advice on the kind of gifts you should avoid at all costs. Not just on Valentine’s, Day but all those other special occasions your partner will be expecting a gift. To start things off with a little bit of humour click on the following links and watch a couple of funny videos.

Now you understand what might happen if you buy your wife or girlfriend the wrong kind of gift, let’s get on with a short list of the Valentines Day gifts ideas you should avoid at all costs.

Valentines Day gifts to avoid if you want to impress her

worse valentines day giftsYou guys might as well face up to it – your wife or girlfriend is expecting you to pull all the stops out for her Valentines gift. She might say that she’s not into the whole Valentines Day idea, but secretly she’s hoping you’ll give her a token of your affection. Avoid the following Valentine’s Day gift ideas and you’re set for life.

Electronics and household appliances – As the guy in the video learnt, buying your lady a vacuum cleaner for a Valentines gift is only going to land you in hot water. Don’t consider buying her a household appliance unless she’s specifically said it’s something she wants. And even then you might be better off buying her this gift on another occasion. If you buy her an electrical gadget make sure you’re buying it for her and not for you. While you might long for waffles for breakfast, getting up and making them for you using your Valentines Day present isn’t going to be very romantic.

Novelty jewellery items are a no no – Heart pendants encrusted in cubic zirconia, charm bracelets with LOVE charms, cuddly teddy bears and plastic red roses might be perfect when you were buying Valentines gifts 20 years ago for your teenage girlfriend. But and however, now your girl is more mature her tastes have changed. If you’re intent on giving her jewellery for Valentines Day it should be something she can wear and keep for a long time. It should also be relevant to her current taste.

Celebrity fragrances – They don’t always smell that good and really only serve to increase the coffers of fake celebrities such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. These ladies can bang out a tune no problem, but creating perfumes is something they should give a miss. You’d be better off choosing a luxury or designer brand such as Chanel.

A last-minute bunch of flowers – If you’re the kind of guy that always leaves your gift buying till the last minute don’t make the mistake of popping into the local corner shop on your way home from work. Last-minute flowers completely suck, and you won’t be able to hide the fact that’s what you bought. We’re not saying that buying flowers will be a mistake, but please put some thought and effort into choosing.

valentines-chocolate-giftChocolate on a budget – All the supermarket chains are good at what they do, there’s no denying it, but buying your Valentine chocolates in the aisle next to the washing powder is a big mistake. And don’t think you’ll be able to slip a box in the trolley while doing the weekly shop with your wife because it won’t cut the mustard. If you want to buy her chocolates choose something decadent, unusual or unique.

Sexy lingerie – You’re going to find it sexy but all she’s going to feel is pinched, scratchy and trussed up like a chicken ready to roast. Lingerie is an intimate gift to give your lady on Valentines Day but make sure it’s something she’ll feel sexy wearing.

Absolutely nothing at all – Really? You’re actually considering getting her nothing at all? You must be a right old chump if you think that idea’s going to make you popular. Yes she might have said she doesn’t want anything, but you have to consider that might be a test. And if you don’t get her something you’ve definitely failed and are likely to be thrown out of class.

Fun facts and figures about February 14th

  • Second only to Christmas, Valentines Day is the biggest event in the calendar. Estimates put a figure of £880 million on the amount spent on Valentine’s Day celebrations in the UK. On average UK males spend £611 million on their partners, while women average out at spending only £269 million on their menfolk.
  • In the days leading up to February 14th 110 million Valentines roses are sold, with most of them being red of course. 73% are purchased by men and only 27% purchased by women.
  • Not everyone has a special human someone and for many their pet will be their best friend. Animal companions also receive Valentines Day gifts such as toys and tasty treats.
  • When it comes to buying cards women are at the top of the list, while men prefer to buy chocolates and flowers.
  • The cost of flowers increases by as much as 30% in the week leading up to Valentines Day. So you’d be wise to get your order in early.
  • In the month of Match the sales of pregnancy tests increases – possibly due to all those romantic dinners and what follows afterwards.

Brits aren’t known for being organised when it comes to planning for special events, and we’re known for leaving preparations until the last minute. By visiting this site we hope that we’ve made things easier and you’ll be far more well-equipped to get your gift buying underway early. When it comes to buying Valentines day gifts keep the feelings of the recipient in the front of your mind and it’s sure to be a success.

Just as a final note we thought we’d include an interesting infographic relating to Valentines Day.


We hope your Valentines wish comes true.